Elaine Lowes

I am the Designer and Owner of Laine Design and have always loved Interior Design. Originally from Montreal I signed up for my first Housing and Design course in high school and have been hooked on all things design and style ever since.

I believe that good interior design can not only boost your mood but the spaces you spend time in make a difference in your well-being, productivity and success. There is definitely style in simplicity but there is always room for a touch of Montreal chic!

And I love to create together. Nothing makes me happier than to coach and guide clients to discover their own sense of design. This helps create a space that is a true reflection of you and your sense of home and style.

Over the years I worked in nursing as well as healthcare leadership but always had a design project on the go as well. I studied Interior Design through the New York Institute of Art & Design and I also hold a Masters Degree in Arts & Leadership. And I have been designing and redesigning spaces along the way. 

I launched Laine Design to focus on my passion for Interior Design and to help you find the Designer in you! So let’s start designing some beautiful spaces together!