Design Services & Fees

Laine Design Services are offered in 3 phases: Design One, Design Two and Design Three. Clients have the opportunity to tailor design services to their individual needs, scope of their project, timeline and budget.

There is significant collaboration between Elaine and clients throughout the design phases and studio work is a major component of the design process.

There is also a stand-alone design service Laine Design Café. This is a consultation service for clients looking for design direction and inspiration. This service is ideal for clients who would like to work with a designer and are comfortable implementing their design plan on their own. 

 Design Café 

Laine Design Café

The Laine Design Café is a 90-minute design consultation service with Elaine on-site. This service is for clients who would like to work with a designer and are comfortable implementing their design plan on their own.

The 90-minutes can be used anyway you choose. Elaine provides you with design direction, expertise, tips and advice for your project. Or, you may choose a design dilemma or challenge to discuss for design options & recommendations. It is best to prioritize your design topics in order of importance to get the most out of the Design Café consultation time. Here are a few ideas for the Design Café:

  • Furniture / Design element suggestions

  • Countertop & flooring options

  • Colour Palette Selection

  • Furniture Layout

  • Rugs & Lighting recommendations

  • Wall Murals, Artwork & Accessories ideas

  • Redesign using existing elements

  • New Design Recommendations

  • Your ideas!

If you are looking for design direction, ideas or clarity for your design project then the Laine Design Café is for you!

Laine Design Café $159


Design Services

Design One Services                                

Consultation to Concept

The Design One Services provides clients with a focused design consultation with Elaine on-site and follow up Laine Design studio work for the project.  

The on-site consultation with Elaine starts with a function and design discussion. Options will be explored through dialogue and/or inspiration pictures as well as lifestyle and design preferences. An inventory is taken of the furniture, design elements and space. Discussion and decisions are made on items to incorporate into the new design. The project scope and budget will be identified with clients to ensure the studio work is relevant to the project. Elaine will also take site measurements and photos for the follow up studio work. 

Once the on-site information is gathered Elaine will work in the Laine Design studio to create the Project Mood Board for the overall design vision. This mood board will include the project colour palette option, paint recommendations, lighting, flooring, and other elements depending on the project.  A Concept Floor Plan will be drawn including the proposed furniture and design features for the space. These will be presented to clients along with the Concept Design Recommendations.

Design One Services starting at $359

Design Two Services

Concept to Project Plan and Source List

The Design Two Services is the next step as it moves the project from the concept design to reality. Project design planning, sourcing and supplier meetings will take place both in the Laine Design Studio and in designer showrooms & workrooms specific to your project to bring the design to life.

The Project Design Plan and Project Proposal from sourcing will be developed in studio based on the client approved Laine Design concept drawings, designs and scope of the project. The client will receive the detailed proposal itemizing all furniture and design elements. The Project Proposal will include: furniture/design items or elements, style, colour, dimensions, specifications, photos and Laine Design & MSRP pricing.

Clients may choose to purchase all or some items from the Project Proposal through Laine Design’s sources, showrooms & pricing or independently through retail vendors.

Design Two Services starting at $759

Design Three Services

Supplier and Contractor Co-ordination

The Design Three Services provides clients with on-site supplier coordination delivery & installation or design consultation with trades & contractors if required. These additional site visits will be billed at $75 per hour.

Design Three Services $95 per hour